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Marcel en Christien van der Haar

Atelier Coraggio V.O.F.


Winterswijkseweg 67

7142HG Groenlo (Holland)

Kvk nr.008161575

BTW nr.NL8181.87.955.B01




My name is Marcel van der Haar passionate Floral Designer born 21 March 1969.

Starting from 1994 till 2007 together with my wife Christien a flower store in Borculo father we sold the store we start in  2007 our new flower design Compagny Atelier Coraggio in Groenlo. This is the place were we make our floral creations and make the creation’s for our projects.

I'm started in 1987 in the floral industry and so far still passionately active in the most beautiful profession I know.

This passion is especially coming back in the designs of my flower work and creating innovative vegetable and not vegetable surfaces by this in a nice combination to have it blend in with the most beautiful flowers I try to surprise people time and time again in a unique way.


The arrangements that I make range from detailed and refined wedding flowers to large dressings of exhibitions, events, companies and everything in between.

This both with real natural materials such as with almost not like real ones silk flowers and plants of the top brand Silk-ka. 


I also find it great to my passion and experience of about 30 years in the floral industry across on upcoming talent by means of giving Master classes at the various flower training courses that Netherlands is rich but also beyond.


Demonstrations to promote the beautiful floriculture profession I find every time special to be allowed to do.

So I have done already many demonstrations in Netherlands but also beyond our borders on very beautiful locations. 

Including several times on a beautiful location to the Italian Lake Como located Villa Erba during the horticultural fair Orticolario, at Ocean Orchids in Slovenia and on various other places abroad.


Since 2015 I am a member of the VBW inspiration team and also from there we give several demonstrations.


I think it is important to be able to look up and push my limits in competitions.

An overview:

  • 1995 finalist NK floral art Den Haag

  • 2006 Winner VBW Bouque Master.

  • 2007 Winner VBW Bouque Master.

  • 2008 3rd place NK floral art Nieuwegein.

  • 2010 2nd place NK floral art Amersfoort.

  • 2013 Winner music boats sailing corso Westland.

  • 2014 3rd place "most beautiful and most creative plot" on the Dutch Floralien where I had the the role of main arranger.

  • 2014 Winner VBW Flower cup Aalsmeer.

  • 2015 2nd place music boats sailing corso Westland

  • 2016 Winner music boats sailing corso Westland

  • 2018 Winner music boats sailing corso Westland